Back to School

I started the Fall Term on October 27th, 2008 after having two months of delays that prevented me from starting in August 2008. I was diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy in August and then PSVT in September 2008. Both times my doctor thought it would be best if I didn’t go back until I had it under control.
So far school has been simple. But I’m having problems with the changes in the weather. I live in Salt Lake City UT and it hurts severely bad when the weather changes. Right now a winter weather storm front is going through and its making it hard to walk or stand. My legs are cramping and the shooting pain has gotten worse. I am using my gel that has the gabapentin powder, ketoprofen powder, and lidocaine powder 4 times a day like ordered and taking 300 mg of gabapentin at night in pill form.
What I am wondering is what does everyone do? Does anyone else have this problem?