Back to square one

Well my vegan diet experiment didn’t work out. I reverted back to meat and dairy products, after a number of days of not feeling right, feeling run down, having headaches and skin issues. I feel a bit lame for not finishing the trial, but making sure one’s health is right is more important. It wasn’t working out.

Perhaps as I am type 1, a vegan diet isn’t right for me. The book I was using was promoting it for type 2 primarily, although it did say type 1 would benefit too. But for some reason my body was reacting against it. Maybe I wasn’t getting enough protein or oils etc, even tho I had lots of tufu and other vegan foods.

Next step: I will continue my exercise regime at the gym. It seems to be keeping my weight stable at least, which is a good thing. I have been hearing good things about calorie-counting diets. My brother and his wife have been doing that. So I will look into that. I think I can do the vegan diet in moderation, so that’s an option. I tried the extreme no animals and no diary variation, but as I said my body wasn’t going for it.

Will try something new and let this blog know when and what.