Back to the endo + new pump decision!

I blogged about my first endo appointment in Hungary (2 months ago) and was a little shocked how he didn’t even look at my numbers.

I went to my second visit to my endo in Hungary. All in all it went well. I prepared a monthly summary of my blood sugars on one page (last time that I was there, he only looked at 2 days of blood sugars). He reviewed them very carefully looking for patterns (hoorah for an endo that will do that!!!).

He saw a pattern of my nighttime hypos and changed my basal pattern! It made a lot of sense what he said :slight_smile: I’m feeling very encouraged that he was so attentive. He didn’t ask me to do basal tests, which surprised me since he made A LOT of changes to my basal rates… I am going to try the new basal pattern and do some basal testing in the coming weeks.

I might as well give it a chance.

Since I was diagnosed with diabetes, I have been living abroad and away from my doctor. In my 5 years with diabetes, I have had about 7 endo visits. I’m ready to settle down into a normal routine and have an attentive doctor finally. Hopefully I have found a good place to do this (though I still think that I am the best manager of my diabetes care).

Also, the warranty on my Cozmo pump is up in December. I confirmed today that I cannot get the Cozmo pump in Hungary. So I can choose from the Accu-chek Spirit, Animas (2020, I guess), or Minimed 722/522. He recommended the Accu-chek and wanted me to decide on the spot!! I told him that I needed time. So I am going to call him next week to order my next pump. Suggestions welcome :slight_smile: I’m not sure what to do… I know many have recommended Animas (I don’t think that I would be able to get PING here), but i’m curious to try out Minimed and considered buying CGMS out of pocket for use during pregnancy. (I have no chance of CGMS coverage here). Ah, back to researching the pumps— AGAIN!

That’s great about the endo! It is very encouraging when a doctor finally does what they’re supposed to =) Good luck on the pump research!

if u cant get the ping still go with animas. i have been on the ping for 2 weeks now and its great. i have been diabetic for 26 years and fought a pump every step of the way, now that im not it, i cant imagine why i didnt do it sooner. having the meter remotely interact with the pump is great too. i know the minimed with cgm is a 2 piece system so unless u actually want to wear two things on ur belt, deal with a meter and get the ping if u can!!

These are all great news¡ I am very happy for you Kristin¡ :slight_smile:
Manuel has Minimed right now, we decided to wait until his warranty is up to apply for a CGMS. We are still researching, it seam like at the end there is always a little compromise with all of them, but to get any of them will be great¡

It is a big step¡ Congrats¡

I have had two pumps since pumping and both Minimed and have been very happy with them and the customer service is great, and the replacement speed of a pump, if you need one, is fantastic.

I really appreciate that your doctor is fine tuning your basal rate. Some adaptation steps might proof wrong but as far as I have seen passivity and acceptance are the way to deterioration of formerly good control. I accepted hypos at night for a long time and I was to passive to tackle the problem. Seen from this perspective even unconventional methods like rapid changes to the basal rate can contribute to our permanent learning process. I wish you good luck!

Sad… no more Cozmo. :frowning: If it were me and I had to replace my Cozmo, I think I’d probably go with the Animas. I’ve heard such varied things about the Mimimeds that I’d be worried about their customer service overseas. Good luck with your decision!