Back to work


Well as many of you know, I am a physical education teacher. Monday was my first day back to work. My husband was off that day so I didn’t have any worries, but I still felt apprehensive about going back to work that day. Seeing my many friends (also teachers) and seeing their looks of worry, sadness for me and my family, and also all the words of encouragement and support - I lost it! I was a blubbering mess almost the entire day. Of course I am an emotional person anyway. Anyway, it was nice to know that they will be there for me when I need them and that I never have to hesitate to talk to them if I need to vent, or just to cry! They are there for me just like family would be. Tuesday was the first day that my in-laws watched Olivia while my husband and I were at work. Everything went well. Wednesday was the first day back to school for students. I opened up my school e-mail before my first class and there were a bunch of e-mails from well wishers with again such great/kind words of support and encouragement that I again became a blubbering mess! It’s hard to answer everyone’s questions about Olivia because it is still so fresh in my mind.