Last night I was 7.2 (130 mg/dl) at 7:30 but was 13.9 (250 mg/dl) by the time I went to bed at 9:30 (not sure what caused that) so I corrected and went to bed. I woke up at 2:30 and was still 12.7 (229 mg/dl) so I corrected that.

Woke up this morning at 6:00 still at 10.7 (193 mg/dl) so I corrected plus did a pre-bolus for breakfast. Figured that it seemed to be a stubborn high so I'd give it more than 30 minutes ... Well, an hour later I was just finishing making breakfast and felt a bit low and when I tested I was 1.9 (34 mg/dl). I double-checked, and I really was that low.

Frustrating when I try and do things right and it just backfires! Unfortunately, this roller-coaster is my blood sugar life lately ... Lots of highs and lows but can't find much in between.

Something similar to that happened to me recerntly. I was 417 at school in 1st period, so I took 3 units of insulin. I check 30 minutes later and it was 377, so in went 2 more units. I checked one last time and it was 244, so I just gave myself 1 unit. I went to class (3rd period by the time I left, about 2 hours later) and I felt fine. Then, out of nowhere, it was like a wave of water or something just hit me. I felt dizzy and lightheaded and I thought I was going to pass out. First, I let my classmates know what was going on, and I asked one to go get the nurse. Then, I checked my sugar and it was 44. Horrible >_< The 2 scariest parts: my teacher wasn't there and we were unsupervised, so if I hadn't been able to tell my classmates how to help me, I may not have made it. Secondly, I had to walk down to the clinic (probably out of the fear and anxiousness the low made me feel), but the hall monitor told me to just go down. I had to explain to him that I could NOT go down to the clinic alone with my blood sugar as low as it was. Ultimately, I got down to the clinic safely, and was able to get my blood sugar back under control. Not a fun episode o.O