Backpackers - please advise

My son is leaving in a few weeks for Philmont Scout Ranch for a 14 day backpacking trip. I need some advice on keeping his infusion sets in. He’s done a lot of training hikes with a full pack and it hasn’t been an issue until now. The last 2 hikes, since the weather has gotten warmer and he’s sweating more, his sites have been coming out when he hikes. The waist strap of his pack is wide and rubs just about every place he would normally put a site. I suggested he try his thigh, but he’s very muscular and lean, so I’m not sure there is a good place on his thigh (or that it would be a better place while hiking).

So far, we’ve tried SkinTac (we use it with every site change) and we’ve tried covering the site with a Tegaderm. What other ideas should we try?


When I backpack, I tend to use my middle stomach region or side-butt area to avoid the pack interfering with my site. I prefer not to use my thighs because, like your son, I'm more muscular and lean there and that can result in faster absorption (which can cause lows). THe best thing to do is for him to put his pack on (fully loaded) and note what areas of his midsection and butt are NOT in contact with the pack. Mark those areas and use them for the site. This is more or less what I do before a backpacking trip and I now know exactly what areas are not touched by my pack.

In addition to using SkinTac, I also cover my site with IV3000 (the ones specifically cut for infusion sets). For me, this has worked pretty well and I'm a heavy sweater.

Have you tried Opsite Flexfix? It's seriously strong. I'll tape the set down and also "belay" the loose end, so if it gets pulled it will pull the tape instead of the set. When I had some hot/ humid runs last summer, I'd lance the bottom of the "bubble" over my CGM to drain the sweat out. Sort of gross but, w/ the cost of sensors, I'm not gonna toss one!

Haven’t tried Opsite Flexfix or IV3000. I’ll give those a try. It would stink to be on this great trip and have his site constantly falling out.

I’ll also mark on him where the pack rubs and see if we can more precisely figure out a good place to put his site for the trip. He’s funny about using his buttocks area - I think it’s because he doesn’t want to be sticking his hand in his underwear when he disconnects in the locker room before basketball. His love handle, lower back and stomach don’t feel as uncomfortable for people to see, I guess. Maybe I can talk him into giving it a try now that school is out.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I think Opsite > IV3000? I had the IV3000 from the SalesNurse when I got my CGM, two weeks before my first 1/2 marathon. It sweated off about 3 miles into the race (chilly day but I had layers on...). I've lost a couple CGM w/ FlexFix but those were like 17 mile run last August in NYC I don't recall the temp, I started early but it was pretty balmy by the time I got in but really, that's about it. I haven't lost a set when I remember to lash it down.

Like one of the others has said, I usually have mine in my stomach when I have a backpack on my pack.

I use my upper abdomen for back packing. It is above the waist belt of the pack, and if it is getting in the way, his pack is not adjusted correctly.

May try out backpacking next month. I do half marathons, but that's a couple hours of hard exercise, not a full day of moderate exercise. Any advise on dosing & food?