Bacon Doesn't Cure Diabetes (Sadly)

from my blog Don’t Fear Diabetes

As I roll into month 3 (ish) of my low carb diet, some things have changed, and some not so much.

For example, I wrote about how, during the first few weeks, I needed little to no bolus insulin. Those days are over. But really, I think that makes some sense. I’m still expending energy, I’m still thinking, moving, etc, so my body is still using/transporting

glucose, it’s just getting it from protein, not carbohydrates. So

insulin ought to be involved. It does mean however that my dreams of

having magically regenerated my pancreas as a result of going on an

all-bacon diet remain just that, dreams.

But as my insulin use has gone back up, my blood sugars have not. My graph, as long as I stick to my diet, is staying pretty flat. Sure, if I were to hypothetically go see MacGruber (yes, I was one of the 8

people) and eat the better part of a large bucket of popcorn after going

9 days witho0ut exercising, then my pocket will vibrate.

But if I stick to the plan, the plan is every bit as reliable as it was.

This has changed my attitude about numbers. Right now, when I eat, I’m less concerned with my actual number as I am with my variability. My goal for the day is less about staying within a certain range as it

is to go through the day with the trend arrow on my Dexcom pointed to the

right. Not up, not up to the right, certainly not double anything

(those are never fun), but nice and straight and right. I recognize

that, assuming I’m waking up somewhere decent (generally around 80 these

days) then I will stay somewhere decent if I don’t move that much (did I

really feel the need to just type that??) but for me, no up/down arrows

means no treatment/correction, which means “I feel relatively normal

and in control.”

So, for now, onward and [hopefully not] upward!

Your control has been admirable. Some people never get to the point of worrying about their variability. You’ve done a great job.

Of course you must realize that while bacon does not cure diabetes, it sure can make it feel better.

drools over the bacon

Wishing you many nice, flat lines!

I was hoping bacon was the cure with all the research on pig islet cells:)