Bacterial Skin Infections

I have been type 1 diabetic for 30 years. I was diagnosed at age 8. I have an 8 year old son who has not been diagnosed with diabetes…yet. (knock on wood) He has had several bouts with bullous impetigo on his legs the last few months so, of course, I am worried that he may be showing signs of an inferior immune system due to pre-diabetes. I remember before I was diagnosed I would get fever blister outbreaks on my lips and my chin that were extremely painful. Did any of your kids have issues like this before they were diagnosed? I have been watching him like a hawk for excessive thirst, too many pee breaks, weight loss and also checking his blood sugar every now and then. So far, no signs of diabetes. I guess I’m just reaching because I’m a worrier. Thanks for your input.

This is the only soap I will use…

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That’s a good idea. The doctor said to soak his legs in bleach water once a week and wash his legs with antibacterial soap. I’ll get some of that for him. Thank you! He’s had so much trouble lately because he rides motocross and his pants, socks and boots are so warm and sweaty, they incubate the bacteria and it gets in a bug bite or a scratch and just blows up. It’s been quite a struggle lately and I’m hoping there’s not an underlying issue, like the D word.

I also use cetaphil soap, it was suggested by my dermatologist. As to the main question, no I was not ill before my diagnosis. However i feel resonaibly certain Walt Dianey World cuasedmy diabetes. My best advice do not visit orlando