Bad day =/

On my way to see my GP… new insulin is supposed to help but this morning (fasting hours) my BG was 29.7 (canadian measurement) and soooo not feeling good at all. crossing fingers that MAYBE this will be a wake up call to my doc that I NEED HIS ATTENTION :frowning:

Will update when I get home. Days like this are frustrating :frowning:

Hi Katrina,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re having a rough time of it right now. But, glad to hear you’re on the way to see the doc. I hope you get his full attention this morning, even if you have to grab him by his shirt! I know that things will get better for you, and I’m counting on sooner rather than later. I’ll look for your update, OK? Hang in there, Katrina, help IS on the way!

If that does not catch his full attention…I dont know what will! Im glad youre seeing him though. I do hope that you two can figure out what’s going on. Please do update us when you get home. I wish all will go well.

Well… Long day at the hospital. Just got home. Apparently with me being bad atm with my diabetes (when really aren’t we), I lost the sensation of pain. They found out I have a severe throat infection and a very very bad urinary tract infection that I felt no pain or symptoms for either… This is why my BS levels are high… This being said, both infections brought on a huge MS flare up and dehydrated me. So now it’s lots of rest for me for now. Thanks for the good wishes. :slight_smile:

Wow! Now I’m really glad you saw the doc! Take care of yourself and get rid of those nasty infections! It sounds like you do need to get some rest, and hopefully now you will rest well. We’ll look for news that you’re back to feeling 100% again soon!

Hi Katrina! Just thinking about you so thought I’d drop a quick line to see if you’re doing & feeling better by now. I hope so!

Doing a bit better, ty for the get well wishes :slight_smile: