Bad News with a dose of Good :)

Been a while since I wrote on my blog. Haven’t really had much to write about. Yesterday I went to the kidney doctor. Everything is looking much better. Even though i have to continue taking my kidney meds so they won’t fail. I found out that I have lost 10 lbs since my last visit with him. Then celebrating my 10 lbs lost he told me I have vitamin D deficiency most likely from lack of sun. lol I can believe that because I hate the sun. With my bad skin the sun eats me alive. I break out in rashes in and everything. I just have to take Vitamin D supplements for a while to see if that brings up my levels. I refuse to go sun bathe in the sun! lol just not my thing and don’t like it. The heat turns me into a while nother person…lol. Other than that I’m doing good. Diabetes has been under control. My sugar levels have been between 82-124 for the most part. Rarely it will drop lower than that or above. I just hate taking pills because if your memory is like mine you will clearly forget to take them…lol. Hope everyone else is doing well too! Love yall! kisses :wink:

I like the sun but never get in it enough to not burn to a crisp. :slight_smile: I was D deficient, too. I took supplements and I managed to get back to normal. The sun can do a great deal of damage to folks with sensitive skin. I will join you in a Vit D3 1000 iu. Cheers!

LOL Thanks! Yeah my kidney doctor thought it should be easy just go in the sun. Until I rolled up my sleeves and showed him that the sun wasn’t my friend. lol But I will be fine. Doctors make EVERYTHING seem worse than what it actually is. He was like “normal is 30 and above and you’re at 18”. lol you know how they like to throw number out at you. He didn’t say like 97% of the population have it! lol

Oh babe…
I am so proud of you I know how hard it all was at the start and to see how far you have come brings a major smile to my face and sets my heart at peace because without you I dont knw where I would have been honestly you lift my spirits even though we are miles away from each other I consider you one of the best friends I have made.
You know my deal with vitamin D low as well but we can do it we can take out tablets together and encourage one another as always.
Love you sis keep strong.

AAaawwww…reading that has brought a tear to my eye Osob! I really consider you one of my best friends as well. I guess we just not on Tu as much anymore since we talk on BBM…lol BBM has me spoiled. It’s like texting you and we can reach each other at any time FOR FREE!! lol I love the FREE part…lol. When I’m down I like to get a laugh with someone who understands because they been there done that. :slight_smile:
Love you sis we will keep strong together!