Bad tasting water in the morning

I’ve noticed that plain water has a metallic/off taste in the morning. Only in the morning.

It’s not the water, it’s my taste perception. Anyone else run into this one?

Type 2, diet/exercise control. Higher BG levels in AM (13X is average), well maintained otherwise. BG level doesn’t change taste. (Meaning 110 or 140 - same taste first thing in morning).


Dear Wynot

It could be you are tasting metal ions in the water that has been standing in the pipes for hours. Let the water run for a minute before using it in the morning. Otherwise there is a sleep medication ( zopiclone or immovane) that is a small oval blue pill that makes everything taste awful.

Unfortunately, not the case. All water tastes bad. Bottled water, run water, standing water in the glass overnite. Water in motels. All provide the same taste, until I eat something. That’s what is kinda frustrating. No different meds, different water types, and still, yuk.

No sleep meds either. Thanks for any and all suggestions.