I have a vast amount of baggage to transport through the day. This weight can be a burden, it’s always on my mind and makes me ache, at times breaks me down.

I get up and fight.

I am on an emotional rollercoaster, it’s a whirlwind of feelings. I have no idea how to handle it sometimes so I become withdrawn. I cry into my pillow,this burden is daily.

The luggage can be light at times, I am happy, unstoppable what I like to consider myself to be if I wasn’t so weighed down.
I laugh the loudest, get ready the fastest, take in as much as I can but soon enough it all changes.

The luggage is overflowing, I’ve been pushing through the pain. It’s hard just want it to be emptied,unburdened and cleared so I can life a normal life.

This luggage is called type 1 diabetes, I carry it with me everyday and night.
It’s invisible, hard and could be dangerous without proper care.