Baking. BAKING! Splenda?


Just tried baking with brown-sugar splenda this week for the first time. T'was on sale.

I followed the recipe on the back. I got very cakey, fluffy cookies.

Tried again with the rest of the splenda brown-sugar, exhausting online sources to get tips on reducing the cake, increasing the chew.

Added a tad more oil...

I'm not really liking it. I don't recommend trying it if you're on a budget like me. I feel guilty now, because I'm a bit of a perfectionist and feel like my so-so cookies were an expensive experiment. :-S

Anyone else out there relate?

I did what you did, and I wasn’t happy either. I compromise, using just 1/2 the sugar for the recipe to substitute with Splenda. I was just watching a cooking show about how to make ginger snaps more snappy- yes, I DO have a adventurous life, don’t I?- and they said to limit the moisture in the recipe by doing things like cooking down the butter used- who uses butter???- and use just the egg holds, as, apparently the whites have a lot of water…hope this helps.

Yolk, damn auto-correct, just use the yolk of an egg. Maybe bump up those up, like 3 egg yolks instead of 2 whole eggs.

I have used Stevia liquid in baking and probably use less than the recipe says. Found it did not taste bad and did not seem to alter the texture or taste of the baking.