Bands for Life for Dexcom sensor

The best spot for my daughter (age 4) to wear the Dexcom sensor is in her arm, and we’ve had 2 sensors fall out when the tape became unsticky. Putting on more crap (tape, etc) was annoying.

I found this site and got one for her. This seems to keep it on now, and if it ever did come off and we lost the transmitter I’d be sick! Also, I didn’t realize this bothered her, but when we but the pretty bandforlife on her arm, she said, “Yea! Now the girls (at dance) won’t ask me ‘what is that??’ anymore!!” I suppose if you don’t know what a CGM sensor is - it does look weird!! Poor kid, I didn’t know she was embarrassed by it.

Now if only I could sew I’d make my own bands4life…time to hit up grandma.

Just thought I’d share. Maybe someone else out there may find a use for this.

We just got these for my son’s omnipod and he LOVES them. He thinks they look cool too, and he’s 10. I thought they were a great idea but had no idea how cool he would think they were.

Actually, these look so useful! It’s a shame shipping to Canada is $14 because I really hate paying as much in shipping as I pay for an item itself.

Try the front of her leg. I love mine there! I buy 4 inch by 30 yard Opsite tape and even went swimming in the ocean last week for hours and it didn’t even budge. This Opsite tape is for heart patients I belive and it’s serious stuff.

If you buy three, shipping is free in the US - don’t know about Canada.

A good place for opsite is American Diabetes Wholesale (online).

I love the idea of using it to cover my Omnipod on my arm, I just ordered one in nude color. and they have a 25% discount code:


Cool, thanks Don! I used to buy Smith And Nephew Flexifix Opsite Transparent Adhesive Film Roll 4"X11 Yards on Amazon for $40 and now it’s selling for $28 on American Diabetes Wholesale website. Thanks!! This stuff is great. I cut a hole and place it around my sensor to hold it in, then put a piece over top of it. I’ve never had a sensor come out since I started using this tape and I do a lot of sports. I hope this helps you guys!!

I’ve read that you’re not supposed to tape over the CGM. Wondering if its safe to wear the band over the sensor (if the problem is the stickiness of the tape rather than having it covered). I love the idea of putting the sensor on my upper arm or thigh and covering it with a cool band.

These bands even sound cool to me and I am wayyyyyyyyy past being a child :slight_smile: I worry about losing the transmitter when the tape starts coming loose too. And since I am self funded where the Dexcom is concerned - I would be really upset to lose the transmitter. I wish somebody would come up with a good idea for not losing the receiver as well. Sometimes it would be nice to have the receiver someplace beside my jeans pocket.

Have you considered a Spibelt? I put my belt thru my jeans belt loop, on the same side of my body that the sensor is installed.

I wear my Spibelt all the time (except when in the water), next to my skin. I wear my Dexcom receiver in the pouch, and purchased another pouch from Spibelt that I put on the belt to hold my OmniPod PDM. My two necessities of life that I need with me always.

I didn’t see your post Sue, so I ended up ordering 3 for Melissa to get the free shipping. One nude color and one purple and one pink camo. I had to put her pod back on her arm yesterday. First one was itching at two days in, and second one didn’t stick well. Her arms have had a chance to heal up, so back on to the arms. I am hoping that the bands fit well and thinking Michael may want one for his Navigator. I tried to find fabric last year to make him one for swimming, but couldn’t find a tan colored swimsuit fabric. He runs and sweats, plus wanted something for swimming with the CGM. I’ll tell him about the code if he decides he wants one. He is in Mexico right now, so probably could use it!

So you have two belts? Or did you get the double pouch belt? I’m trying to figure out what to do for my son. He wears the Dexcom in the spibelt but has everything else in a separate bag.

Hi Mary, so you ended up saving a lot of money with free shipping, that’s always a good deal. I had a problem with the band falling down my arm, so I hand sewed the seam 1/4 inch and now it fits better. I hope Melissa’s bands fit well, but if not I know you’ll be able to adjust it to make it fit. Michael’s in Mexico, wow! My son Steve finally joined tudiabetes this week, his name here is sig71.

I have one belt, and they make a separate pouch that slides onto the belt strap.

I also ordered the dual-pocket sport belt for my son, he likes it.

I will probably have to adjust hers too, but didn’t want them to be too tight either. Michael travels a lot for his job, this is the second time in Mexico in two weeks. He goes all over and soon may be doing more international stuff. Singapore, etc. That will be a bigger challenge with the time changes. He knows how much I learn on these boards, but doesn’t feel the need to join himself. Just yesterday he text me to ask the names of the boards that I use for someone he just met that has a newly diagnosed niece. I am so glad that we helped him get over his shyness about testing and shots in public, because he sure needs to do it a lot now with meetings over lunch and dinner and all of the airports he deals with. I am glad that Steve joined the boards, I will look for his name!

I got an arm Band 4 Life to keep my sensor in place on my arm without using tape. It is really comfortable, no itching, keeps it right where it needs to stay. Thinking about getting a thigh band as an alternate site. I don’t wear baggy pants but I feel confident that a thigh Band will keep the sensor in place and comfortable despite my jeans rubbing on it.