Basaglar and Tslim warranty

We started pumping Monday but my son’s endo wanted me to get one more refill of Lantus as backup. When I got the to the pharmacy, they said insurance won’t cover Lantus. They need a new script for Basaglar. Anyone know anything about Basaglar? Last night, my son’s Tslim pump wouldn’t charge. Panicked a little and then realized the problem was the charger they sent. I have plenty of chargers but should I let Tandem know? Or Edgepark?

@T1Mom6 - As FYI, we don’t bother using the provided tandem AC charger. The manual may say to only use that but in our experience any of the chargers we have around the house, in the car or via portable battery “on the fly” work perfectly fine.

TUD: T-slim charging

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Same chemical formulation as Lantus, same amino-acid sequence, small difference in molecular geometry, cheaper. The closest there is to a “generic” for a large organic molecule like exogenous insulin: it’s called biosimilar by some people. For us it works exactly the same way, likely for you too – YDMV of course.

Here is more info on the difference if you are interested:

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Yes, I do use whatever charger that is around but you should let Tandem know. They will probably send you another one. And you can never have too many chargers! Good luck! And I know the back up insulin has come up before and is probably a good idea. I have never but I live in San Diego where Tandem is, so getting something would never be an issue.