Basaglar issues for a 7 year old

My daughter is on basaglar. She was on Levemir but I’m trying basaglar now because levemir barely lasts her half a day. I’m noticing shes low in the morning (4am) and when I treat her low shes still low by 8 am but then she sky rockets by 11:30 am. Also she is on split doses 2 units at 8 pm and 2 units at 4 am ( because of my job schedule). Any suggestions ?

Tresiba is not supposed to cause as many lows. It didn’t make any difference with me, but I wasn’t having that issue in the first place for the most part. But there are several people on this forum that really liked it.

Plus is she on a fast acting? It’s trickier but she will end up needing it eventually anyway. Usually if you are dropping to low the basal is too high still and they do have pens that measure in half and maybe even less. So just a little tiny more bolus and less basal.

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I wondering if you need more time between doses? As you’re doing it now, you only have six hours between 8PM and 4AM.

It could be the overlap of dosing. It could even be just her system. I liked to drop at around 3 am on shots. I had to go to bed before I had a pump with my sugars in a higher than normal range to compensate for it.


I agree with the switch to tresiba… at such a small dose, 2 shots within 6 hours, as tapestry said is too close together…I always felt lantus, basaglar, and levemir were repackaged nph, and would expect a low every 6 hours. Tresiba is the only insulin that’s worked for 24 hours for me…also the high at 1130 was probably an overcorrection of the low, and keep an eye on the boluses every 3 and 6 hours for peaking…but tresiba should help…just might take a week or so to figure out the right dose.

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