Basal adjustment and lows

The other day my endo wanted my morning numbers to be a little lower so she told me to increase my dose of lantus from 10 units to 12 units. She told me that I would not have lows from this but I have had several since I changed my dose. I take novo log with meals and I think I need less because of the change. Any advice or similiar experiences.

Many of us, after a while learn to tweak our own doses. You said your "endo wanted your morning numbers to be a little lower." First question is do you agree? If so, and 10 was making you higher than you'd like and 12 giving you several lows, try 11, it may be perfect! whatever you do, though, don't make a change based on one or even two readings. Some people do that and then wonder why they are roller coastering. Sit with the change a few days and look for a pattern.

Good advice…thanks. I will check for patterns over the next few days. It does appear that I don’t need as much insulin at mealtime. I have only been on insulin for about a year so I am still trying to figure things out. I do think that 11 units will be the amount I will probably settle into.