Basal change methodology

so i finally got pumping insulin and read it cover to cover, we are in the midst of another basal change, i am curious, how quickly has anyone tested and verified basals, anyone complete the process within 24 hours??

i hate to drag this out over three days, but kennedy’s 11 and she needs her carbs for sure, its hard to talk her into more than one carb free meal a day…

anyone who is neww to pumping or considering definitely buy the book and read first! the physiology and rationale is very helpful!

I guess I would caution against making too many changes too quickly. Maybe try a "low carb Wednesday" and only do it once a week until it's squared away? That might give you a week's worth of data to watch for trends and one day of basal testing. As you know, diabetes is a moving target and just when you think you have it, everything changes and you are a rookie all over again :)

I also want to add as a side note that I can't imagine trying to figure out basal rates for another person's body, let alone a healthy, growing 11 year old. It is clear to me that you are a strong advocate and champion for your daughter and I have utmost respect for you both.

Best of luck to both of you as you work it all out!

Well said, Kate. I have felt exactly that so strongly since I was first given this to deal with. I cannot imagine being a parent dealing with this for your precious child. Kennedy is a lucky child, Natalie.