Basal Insulin on LCHF

Hi I have a question. I was diagnosed this past July with type 1. I had been following the paleo diet prior to diagnosis and the month after I started on insulin I switched to HFLC. For those of you that eat this way, do you notice a difference in basal insulin requirements? I have had to increase twice from where I started. Is it just to cover the increased fat intake? I asked my CDE but she wasnt very helpful. Thanks!

I don’t know how different diets affect basal rates. I am looking for a diet that works well for type 1s as well. I have found little information from my CDE. What I do know is that when I was diagnosed 4 1/2 years ago, I had to make several adjustments upward on my basal rates due to the ending of my honeymoon. I still do have to adjust my basals back and forth a bit, but the 6-12 month after diagnosis time was very active with basal increases. My insulin needs really changed during that time.
May not be what you are experiencing, but I think it’s worth considering.
I hope that helps.

I am a beginner but from what I understand the fat and the protein can be treated on the pump with a "square wave bolus" (minimed) meaning that the bolus will be stretched out over time. I don't think you should change your basal rates for that. I hope someone more knowledgeable shall jump in and give you a better answer.

Hi Hannah - Have you done any formal basal rate testing? It’s easy to get basal and bolus insulin mixed up. You don’t want the basal rate to cover meals or bolus insulin to cover a basal need. It makes analysis more difficult, too. Ideally, your basal insulin metabolizes liver glucose only and bolus insulin should address meals and corrections only.

I eat LCHF too. I use an extended bolus (also known as square wave and one half of the combination and dual wave boluses) to cover a portion of the protein and fat. I get very dependable results with this regimen. I can often keep my BGs in my target range 80% of the time. I can give you more detail if you like. It would be an unusual CDE that understands advanced pump techniques like this. Most CDEs don’t agree with LCHF eating to treat diabetes.