Basal now where it should be, leading to hyperactivity?

After several weeks of tweaking, I finally have Eric’s basal rate at the level that my clinic says is appropriate for a boy his age & weight. We’ve seen a lot more stability in BG during the day (still trying to get the night-time levels streamlined, but we’re close). The weird thing is, Eric’s energy levels have gone sky high since I made the final upward adjustment last weekend - his daycare says he’s just WIRED all the time. Maybe he’s finally feeling 100% and is expressing it by getting out all the pent-up energy? Maybe he’s naturally a high energy kid and I’ve just not seen it since his diagnosis? Anyone else seen this?

He is feeling better and is where he should be BS wise, the rest will fall into place. He will settle in once his good numbers are the norm.

Bet it’s because he’s feeling so much better. It’s a good sign. High BG really wipes a person out. I feel cranky, out of sorts & exhausted when mine is high. The times it’s normal, I feel like a different person.

Not just running high, but swings in general can really take away energy. Since he’s pretty young it seems it would be hard to know what his “natural” state is w/o diabetes :wink: Glad all the effort you’ve been putting into getting the rates fine-tuned is working out though!

Thanks everyone! We’re doing a lot better, stability and in-range is now finally starting to become more the usual way of things rather than the exception, and the “wired” behavior has slowed down a little. I think he was really just rejoicing in finally feeling good again.