Basal poll: Do you change your basals or your doctor does it?


Perhaps doctors are far better in whatever country you live in. Here in Canada we get what we’re given and there aren’t enough specialists that you can go shop for another if you’re dissatisfied.

If they should not have any input, why are you going to see them?

My pump + pump supplies are government funded and I’m required to see an endo every 6 months.

Your own personal experience will of course vary.


I would say that is almost identical to my situation. He helped me choose the settings when I got my very first pump, but ever since then, I have been the one doing the tweaking, and he has been very happy with that. If he thinks something looks wrong or has a suggestion at my appointments, he’ll say it, but he never forces me to change anything, we just explain our logic for what we think, and I do whatever I think is best. The people that end up with bad settings are the ones that refuse to listen to their doctors. But just remember, listening & doing are not equivalent. We should listen to their advice & suggestions, but sometimes our choices might be better anyway, and a good doctor knows that. A doctor is an advice giver, not a dictator.


Because I can’t write prescriptions.


I asked the doctor for advice when I first set up the pump, and he said, “how much lantus are you taking? Divide that by 24 and set that as a basal. We can tweak it again in a month.” I thought that was stupid, tried 1 day of her suggestion, and then started tweaking by myself. Now, I adjust every time things aren’t working for me. I only see the endocrinologist to get refills on prescriptions and the only 2 doctors I really rely on are my retina guy for eye scans and eventual treatment and my cde, but she mostly exists for moral support, and admits to knowing less than I do about changing my basal rates. However, a second set of eyes rarely hurts so she looks, congratulates me on my success and talks through potential failures, like a specific type of therapist.


Me, too, Dave. But if I need help, my endo is great.

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