Basal rates overnight

I’ve been doing basal testing during the night because I was getting confused by my morning numbers. The first night went perfectly. I went to bed at 92, middle of the night was 96, and woke up at 95. The next night was 95 at bed, 114 MON, and 66 in the morning. Last night I was 84 when I went to bed, 41 an hour later, 115 in the middle of the night, and 47 when I woke up. I did literally 0 exercise yesterday because something depressing happened and I was super stressed out, so I can’t think why I kept dropping all night. Does anyone have any suggestions for why this is happening?

Because you are a diabetic. that’s what happens to us. No matter how hard we try, there will be times when you go high at night, low at night, and sometimes even perfectly level. My suggestion is err on the side of being higher, rather than getting severely hypo. Even with a CGM, I can’t always go thru the night with level bg’s. My biggest cause for going high is eating something after suppertime, which for me is quite early–4:30 to 5PM.

BTW, I have my CGM’s high alarm set at 150, but sometimes I can’t hear it (if i sleep on my good ear, I can’t hear the alarm and so if the vibration doesn’t alert me, I can sleep thru the high alarm). Without a CGM, my chances for waking up with “perfect” bg’s are greatly diminished.

Suggestion number 2 is consider a Dexcom CGM and set the alarms very conservatively–the high alarm quite low, and the low alarm quite high, such as 75 for a low and 140 or 150 for a high. For the life of me I can’t understand people using a CGM and setting the high alarm way over 200. That defeats the purpose of maintaining a safe bg. If they want to argue that a lower setting is annoying, my response to them is change their diet.

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i agree with Dave44 (“because you are Diabetic” ) but what can happen that causes our little inconsistances that seemingly make no sense, is that there is never one day that is exactly like another. you mentioned that you were “super stressed out.” stress can easily effect your BG. so can a bad night’s sleep, exercise, sloth, amount of food we might eat that is different from what we ate yesterday (or the exact same meal on a different day). the list goes on and on. i think that the main thing to remember, IMHO, is to remain flexible and understand that there is no one formula that will work each and every day, every day.
hope this helps some.


I agree with what others have said - diabetes isn’t always consistent. I wonder what your final meal of the day was and how it differed from other nights. For my son, 84 is too low to go to bed bc there’s no cushion for a bg that may drop. He also uses CGM, but if he didn’t, I’d target 150 for bedtime just to be safe.

Did you eat/deliver bolus within 4 hours of bed?

No, and I had a very fatty meal, chicken Alfredo pasta, less fat than at a restaurant, but I was still more worried about overnight highs. With everything going on (lack of exercise, stress, fatty dinner) I was sure I would go high, and if the number hadn’t been 84, I probably would have done a higher adjusted basal rate, so I really don’t get it.

Keep collecting data. If this happens multiple times, you may want to adjust meds. If it is usually working for you, then maybe not.