Basal Testing Day - D Minus

After experiencing some wacky daytime blood sugars (BG’s) during the last week, I decided to go ahead and test out my basal settings on my Animas 2020 insulin pump today. I have never a daytime basal testing before, sad to say, and as in my prevous blog, I had asked others - “how often do you test your basal rates?”. No comments yet, and it makes me wonder, are they like myself, not finding the time to test their basal rates, when perhaps we should from time to time when BG’s become abit wacky?

I just know for myself, that if I’m going to get the most use out of my pump, I have to learn how to use it properly, so that my BG’s stay stable and not having to do continual BG corrections and giving extra insulin. I mean, I might as well go back to multiple doseage injection (MDI) - ugh! To me, that defeats the purpose of owning/using a pump, because theory wise, if the pump settings are correct, you should have steady, stable BG’s, depending on what is happening in your life of course.

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OMG I was JUST thinking the same thing. I am cruising along with my Paradigm pump, mostly ok with results but often dissatisfied and I thought, maybe I should check those levels that were set 2 years ago!!! There is never a good time to do it so I am just going to try tomorrow. No food for 6 hours, right?

I think , there is a bit more to fine tuning, than " no food " for 6 hours …I have 3 pages of guide lines in print here in front of me … the Fine -Tuning Protocol : Do not perform any of the fine-tuning tests if : 1 ) your BG is elevated due to illness or infection 2 ) you have engaged in strenuous exercises in the last 24 hours , unless it is exercises you perform every day .
Stop the fine -tuning tests if, at any time :
BG falls below : a ) 4 mmol/L ( x 18 for US ) during the day b) 5.6 mmol/L at bedtime c ) 5mmol/L overnight
BG rises above 14mmol/L . Be sure to treat hypo and hyper when necessary ; consult your health team with any questions and concerns .
I googled Medtronic , unable to find the forms in question ( but then , I did not spent enough time on this right now ) .
And the Pumping Insulinbook by John Walsh has a chapter on " basal rates "