Basal Testing - Quck question

So I know I am not supposed to eat a meal when I am doing a basal testing session....the one thing I forgot was am I allowed to do corrections?

Ie...wake up in the morning and my FBS is NOT within I supposed to correct then check for the next 4 hours?

Thanks :)

If you are not in range at the start of the test, then you need to correct and CANNOT do the test. The point of the test is to see if your basal rates are where they need to be, but if you've taken a correction you're not TRULY testing the basals at all, but rather your correction factor.

I'm supposed to do basal testing soon too.

As far as I know, you're not supposed to do any corrections and then just test once an hour until lunch time.

The instructions from my doc (and he told me to ignore the guides I found online that tell you to abandon the test if your glucose is high.)

How do I "Basal Test" in the morning?
Do a basal test at least 12-24 hours after you've last exercised, to ensure the results are accurate. Check your blood sugar before bed and again when you wake up in the morning. Skip breakfast that morning, and check your blood glucose every hour. Write down all of your blood glucoses for each hour and see whether they stay the same, go down, or go up. Then you will know whether your basal rate needs to be changed for the morning.

You should check with your doc to make sure how (s)he wants you to do it.

The purpose of basal insulin, whether your own or exogenous, is to keep your blood sugar in the normal range when you are NOT eating. So you want to begin the test in the normal range, then test frequently to see whether it stays there or not. If you inject bolus insulin during that time, you have no way of knowing whether the resultant lowering of blood sugar is due to your basal function, or the bolus you took. So the test would not tell you what you want to know.

Check with your doctor before proceeding (always!), but I strongly suspect that in order to have a valid test, you need to be (a) eating nothing, and (b) using no exogenous insulin.

Basal testing should be completed from a known bg value, without any insulin in your system other than the basal insulin your pump is delivering. Then skip eating, and test hourly to track if you go up, down, or stay stable. :)

Sorry, didn't realize we were talking about a pump.