Bath time with Twiddle nearly said bozo

For me one of the greatest pleasures still left to me is having a soak in the bath with bubbles up to my neck have to give a mention to Radox here just lying there with the warm water soothing your body you can wonder off to distant places only possible in your dreams warm Caribbean Island clear blue water Sun basting down and no one to be seen for miles have a big umbrella which covers my head shoulders and some of my body Paradise in a bottle,getting there and out referring to getting in the bath then getting out of it is another thing as I am not too steady at the best of times so it is one foot in the bath one hand on the wall then lifting the other leg into the bath having both hands on the walls turning around then trying to sit down without slipping as I have done many a time and cracking my head when it touches the wall bath or floor,but the effort is well worth it if not a bit silly me trying to get into the bath on my own, all that is forgotten as I settle down in the warm inviting water not a plastic duck or boat to be seen just my toes resting on the wall opposite my position as you can imagine I am just a bit too big for the bath mind you the bathroom is very small to start with.

So as the minutes pass by the sponge cleans my body with Dove soap do any of you remember Zest soap made from lemons the smell was fantastic everyone commented on it hi Twiddle have you been lemon picking today funny ha ha anyway I digress hope that is the right word swollen a dictionary, after arriving back from my fantasy it is time to stand up and shower myself off not a pretty sight me standing there why could I not have had a body like Robert Redford instead of Chevy Chase,now comes the problem a big problem without anyone there to give a helping hand bath towel wrapped around me I venture to put raise on leg and put it out of the bath onto the bathroom floor sometimes I get giddy and there I go falling in all 4 directions at the same time,keystone cops you had better believe it,this bath was no different I missed the bath top all together and went falling onto the bathroom floor just missing the sink and lavatory no bones broken happy to report but have to stop being silly and wait until my bath Angel comes from work,see even one of the last pleasures in life needs a helping hand or two.