Battery cap for Animas 2020

Has anyone ever gone to do a battery change - and when taking off their battery cap - had the threads disintegrate (e.g. breaking off from the cap)?

I’ve had my pump for over a year now - and change the battery about every 4 months. Tonight - I got the warning to “change battery”. Unscrewed the cap, and as I was doing this procedure, abit of plastic ring (very thin) fell off. I popped in the battery - and went to screw the cap back on - but the threads didn’t seem to be catching. I remembered when I’d been given a loaner pump for a vacation - they’d given me a spare cap - so off I went to my Alladins Chest of pump supplies - fling, fling, fling - to get that cap. I was in abit of a rush at the time because I’d just made an espresso and it was getting cold - and I had to bolus for it and a few cookies.

Anyway, so new cap - on - pump working fine. Just curious if this has happened to any of you before. What gets me is - that I always carry a spare battery with me in my everyday bag for when I’m away from home for the day. If this had happened today to me - I would have been f$#@ed - since I don’t carry the spare cap with me unless I’vm away from home for longer then 24 hours. So, I gues you now what I’m going to order up next - another spare cap. Hopefully that doesn’t cost too much.

This has happened to me twice with the 1250 insulin pump. The little thread fell off just as you described. I called pump support and they sent me a new battery cap

Hey, I am just in the process of setting up my new ping system.
Do they include spare caps in there?
I have all the boxes piled up and I cant remember seeing one in the box???
I believe in the old days they gave spares in the starter kit…

Laura - I don’t remember having a spare given to me when I got my 2020 Laura. I had a spare rubber bit - you know that goes around the insulin cartridge -but not the battery cap. The one I had was from a loaner pump - that I sort of “stole” when I returned the pump back unused. Again, I’ve been using my pump since April 2008 - so the battery cap lasted over a year - but something to think about keeping a spare just incase.

So Brian - when this happened to you - did you have to stop using your pump until you got a new battery cap? This is what I thought I was going to have to do tonight when it happened to me - and then - my sponge brain remembered the spare one. Otherwise, I’d be back to MDI until a new cap arrived.

Also, curious Brian - does this occur over “x” amount of times with changing batteries I wonder.

I’ll call up Animas Canada tomorrow and see if they offer me a new battery cap - but I have a feeling it’s something that I’ll be charged for - as it’s not built to last forever I expect as it’s only made of plastic.

Thanks. I;m pretty sure they used to give them, but my old pump was the 1200 series, and the IR1000 before that.
In any event, maybe need to think about having one on hand!?!

Hi, I just got a new ping in the mail a few days ago and there was a spare battery cap in the box along with a metal thing to open the battery capped when it is screwed onto the pump.

I just got off the phone with Animas here in Canada and the battery cap is something that breaks over time. I’ll order up a new one next time I put in a order for infusion sets - since to order just the battery cap ($25CDN) - I’d have to pay a $10 shipping charge. That’s the only thing I find bad about Animas compared to Medtronic (they don’t charge for shipping of supplies) - here in Canada (it may not be the same in your country) - you have to order over $400 CDN - to qualify for free shipping. I only order up supplies every 3 months - so I’m crossing my fingers that the new battery cap that I just installed stay intact as long as the last one did.

So, now in future, I will not only carry spare infusion sets, etc. when I travel - but also a battery cap. Without it - the pump won’t function as you can’t screw it down properly to get battery contact! I’m even going to carry it just in my day to day bag along with a spare battery - to be on the safe side.

In all the years that I have been using Animas pumps (7 or 8 years) I have never had that happen.

i remember the pump trainer telling me to replace the cap every 6 months, and additionally if i was going to actually go to the beach or swimming to ensure water resistence. I personally think i now need to order like 6 just in case. my current one is looking kinda scuzzy.

I have had both the 2020 and now the Ping and I do remember reading in the manual that you’re supposed to change the battery cap every 6 months or so. So far I’ve been fairly luck in replacing batteries I guess. I also think that’s why you’re not supposed to over tighten the battery cap, cause the threads can break. Now that you’ve mentioned your experiences I guess I’ll be keeping mine with me all the time now too. Of course now I need to go hunting for it.

I’m going to have to pull out my manual - and check that out! I thought I had gone thru’ it with a fine tooth comb - but it’s almost like I have to do a refresher course every 6 months. Again, due to not having a pump trainer - I didn’t get some of the good advise that others had !

Wow Jane! I can’t imagine having to order up 6!!! At $25 a pop - and I can’t claim it on my insurance - I think I’ll just order up one spare (have to put in an order for some infusion sets this week as well). I’m now going to start stock piling a few infusion sets as well - as I only order what I need - but to be safe incase job ends - along with insurance - think I should have a few extra’s on hand - as well as battery caps!

I got a spare one in the box with my 2020 I also got a spare cap thingy for the cartrige (the one with the three little kind of knotches in it and it is black) but because my mum is so obsessive she orded like three pants clips and like three of everything else… we are always very prepared.

here in australia I don’t think they charge us for shipping and if you lose something they will get a new one to you in less than 24 hours and they don’t cost very much

That’s what I had as well - a spare battery cap in my box of 2020 goodies - and luckily I hadn’t put it somewhere that my sponge brain could remember!! Without that spare cap - I would have been up the creek - as the pump won’t work without it! So, I think I will also order up another pant clip (your Mum is SOOOO smart - what would we do without them?).

Here in Canada - they charge for shipping under $400 CDN. I guess it is different in every country that they operate out of. I was given free shipping for the first few months - as I had grumbled about paying it as I didn’t with Medtronic - so my rep sorted something out with Animas - but then it went back to being charged. It’s only $10 tho’ - but I now try to buy more then $400 CDN - but due to the wait from insurance company at work for reimbursement - it is sometimes hard to do. Thank goodness for credit cards!

I got a spare battery cap with my 2020 when I order my insulin pump. They told me that I had to change the battery cap every year because of that problem you had. But I don’t remember if I had to pay for that or not. Might want to call and ask…