Battery depletion with new batteries! My Cozmo is dying? Help!

I have been talking about how I NEVER had a problem with my Cozmo-- really I never had to return the pump in my three years with it.

Last night I got home and got a sudden ambulance sounding alarm, which means that my battery was dead. I thought that this was strange because I got no “low battery” warning before it. Usually I get the low battery warning about 20 times before it dies (to the point that it can be annoying). This time it just died. I put a brand new battery in and it worked fine through the night. This morning the same thing happened on my way into university. (I was listening to music and heard an ambulance in the distance and ignored it-- until I realized all the people on the street were staring at me). So I bought a new battery replaced it again and ran to class (arriving 15 minutes late)… and hoped that it would last at least 12 hours again. Of course, in the middle of class it started going off. My professor made fun of my ringtone. I got up and left.

I searched all the forums here and anyone who had this problem reported that they just got a new pump.

I’m living in Hungary, though my pump is from the USA – so replacing it won’t be simple. So I’d like to try anything first! Has anyone had this problem? Anyone know about problems with the battery cap that could be causing it? Anything that I can try before mailing my pump across the ocean?


I’m too new a Cozmo user to really help. Cozmo just sent out a letter warning users about loose battery caps. I can’t recall exactly what this caused. The warning said to make sure that your battery cap is on full.

I wonder if part of the problem is the type or brand of battery you’re using. Sometimes when devices (not just the Cozmo) show the battery as ‘dead’, there quite a lot of voltage left in there. I just think the current isn’t enough. Some battery brands are better at maintaining their power until the end. Did you change brands recently?

If you have a friend with a voltage meter maybe they’d test the ‘dead’ batteries for you and see exactly how much power is left in them.

Another possible problem may be temperature. Many years ago when I lived in Ireland I had a camera that would stop working when the temperature got cold. And in Ireland that was about 5 C (40 F). I’d keep a spare set of batteries in my pocket when outdoors and then exchange the warm batteries with the cold ones from the camera. See if warming up the dead battery would restore it, or try and keep you pump somewhere that’s not exposed to the outside.

I wish you the best of luck solving this problem.

My Minimed did something like this. I don’t know anything about the Cozmo but you might check to make sure there are no cracks in your pump near the battery. A small crack can let skin cells get in and affect the connection. Also check to make sure that the connections themselves have not been bent. Good luck, I hope you can work everything out.

Just talked to the Cozmo reps, who are wonderful and very helpful, but reached the conclusion that my pump has reached its death. So it will start the journey back to Minnesota and my new pump with have to make the trip across the Atlantic (Cozmo can’t send it internationally, but my parents can). I hope it will have a safe trip! As for me, I return to Lantus and Humalog for at least a week.

Here is the email from Cozmo in case anyone has this problem in the future, these are the things to check for:

“Thank you for contacting our website regarding your battery depleted alert. There are a few things to check when you get this type of alert. First, check the batteries. Make sure they are AAA Alkaline (not Lithium or Rechargeable) and stored at room temperature. Next, check the battery cap. Make sure that the cap is on tight (does not chirp when you push down on it), free of cracks and corrosion, and that the threading inside the battery compartment is clean/ intact. You may want to replace the battery cap if you have a spare one. Finally, check to make sure that the pump case you are using does not have a magnetic latch, and that you have not been in close proximity to high voltage equipment.”

I had a battery problem with my minimed pump–the batteries only lasted 1 or 2 days and I was on vacation! I was getting so upset because it was a new pump (which uses AAA batteries–not the silver oxide camera-type expensive ones). I called customer service to complain and they informed me I needed to use Energizer brand batteries (not Duracell which I had bought while on vacation in NYC and that’s all the drugstore carried). Such important information to know and I don’t think anybody had ever told me that before! So I don’t know what brand Cozmo recommends but definitely call them and they may be able to help.

I just noticed Bernard also wrote almost the same thing I did. Oh well. Hope you can try a different brand.

I have a MiniMed pump and was told from the get go to with Energizer Max. They work very well for me. But I work in sometimes 30 below weather while unloading trucks. (I live in Grand Forks, ND) The cold temps zap my batteries.

Your company should replace the pump at no charge, they will send it overnight. So you will not be without a pump at all, until you get the replacement. At least my company, MiniMed has a warranty. You might try using Lithium batteries, they last much, much longer. Cheap batteries are just that , CHEAP! I have used cheap ones, they dont last 3 days, Energizer Max lasts for about 3 weeks, Lithium batteries last for months.

Is it a lithium battery?

We could not figure what the problem was, but I tried all the possible types of batteries. My pump has been replaced and I haven’t had any problems. Don’t know what it was…