Battery removal from the PDM

I don't know about others, but I find it hard to remove the PDM batteries. I invaribly use a small screw driver, a nail file, or even a key to pry the old batteries out when I need to change them. In other gadgets I have that contain batteries, there's a plastic ribbon that sits under the batteries. Then, when you need to remove the batteries, all it takes is a slight tug on the ribbon and viola, out they come. Wouldn't this same type of mechanism also work well in the PDM?

Maybe I just have smaller fingers, but I find them very easy to get out -- just changed them today in fact. That being said -- the little ribbon WOULD make it even easier.

Maybe I’m like you Cheryl, I have no issues taking them out either. Sorry MarlboroNick, not much help here.

Find someone with long fingernails. They go a long way in prying the batteries out! I agree, though, that a small plastic strip would be helpful.

could you not put a ribbon in yourself?

Hey! I hadn't considered that, but I don't see why not - excellent idea!!! I can take a small piece of ribbon (or anything relatively flat) and wrap it around the batteries before inserting them. Then when it's time for removal, I'll just grasp both ends of the ribbon to pull out the batteries. Thanks for your wonderful idea - something I never would have thought of doing myself.

I don`t have any issues either.

Nick sorry you are having problems. I just remove the cover and slap it the PDM against my hand and viola they pop out. Just make sure that no function is going on or you may have to reboot. Not much fun. I always make sure all functions are done before doing a battery change. Good luck. But luck has little to do with our lives.