Battling diabetic control while sailing

Well, presently I'm marooned in the port of Sackets Harbor since last Thurday. Had some engine probs with our Catalina 30 - turns out 20+ year old diesel can become contaminated - and our engine - when we need to use it - doesn't favour that type of Shrek green lagoon fuel kindly. Actually, it's not a bad place to be marooned in - since the Sackets Harbour Brewing Company is a few stumbles away from the marina we are staying at - so do not worry that I'll be driving home dangerously after a few Happy Hour $2USD pints (the 1,000 Island, 1812 and Saint Stephen's stout are EXCELLENT).

To get to Sackets Harbor - we had quite the adventure across the "mini-me" ocean aka eastern part of Lake Ontario. Our 30' sailboat handled the 8' waves, though my diabetes didn't fair that well I'm afraid. I'm now back on the pump since yesterday, and if we have this same type of sailing with our return back to our home port in Long Sault, Ontario (near Cornwall) - things "should" go better. I will be more prepared, with prepared snacks, fizzy drinks (to combat sea sickness) and the most IMPORTANT thing - have my blood meter in the cockpit. To go down below into the boat was not fun at all in last weeks sail - to the point where I was flung around like a rag doll when the occassional wave hit us from the side (confused seas is common in Lake Ontario).

Since we've been withou wi-fi for a few weeks - I'm making up for that lost time while here at port - so posted a blog the other day at my other "home" port aka - a few extra details of our adventures so far can be found here (

Now how did I know whose blog this would be when I clicked on it! At least if you are going to be marooned, you have good drink & computer access - not sure Gilligan could claim either of those. Hopefully you will have smooth sailing home.

I was wondering how you were doing out there in the Open Sea. Thanks for dropping by!