Bayer Breeze2

I’m thinking of getting a Breeze2 meter that has the discs for the test strips. Does anyone have this meter, and how do you like it? It’s so hard sometimes to get the strips out of the bottle one at a time. Right now I have a OneTouch Ultra, and have had it since 2005. My insurance pays for the strips pretty good, I pay $30 for 100 strips. I don’t know how my insurance would pay for the Breeze ones. :frowning: Their website sucks. It says there is a link to see what your co-pay is, but it’s not there.

Anyway…I’ve rambled. What do you think about your Breeze2 meter?

Thanks for your input. I have not seen their lancets. I liked the one that came with my OneTouch Ultra Smart, but the cap broke off…so now I’m using the one that came with my Ultra Mini. It’s not bad. On another site I read some posts on the Breeze2, and they were about 60/40 in favor of it…I guess ymmv on anything.

I just got a free Breeze2 meter and tried it…no thanks. Putting the disc in and cocking the handle thingy is a pain. The test strip is so small I have a very hard time seeing it. My insurance changed and I had to pick between Breeze2 or Contour…just filled a script for the Contour…but, I will use my old One Touch Lancet device, the Bayer one is funky. Loved my One Touch Ultra Mini but my insurance wont pay for the strips anymore. So, getting used to the Contour, not too bad. :slight_smile: