BBT Bit Of A Problem

I started doing my bit for the BBT last week, well more an excuse for me to start exercising again. Anyway, this problem has plagued me for years, the thing is when I do some moderate walking for more than half an hour I find that my muscles are sore for a long time afterwards. I do warm ups and cool down, but perhaps I'm not doing it right. Usually a person does a bit of ex then recovers, but it seems that I don't. Any ideas anyone with similar probs. Bl results have shown low levels of iron and B12.

Many diabetics have low levels of potassium and Magnesium. I don't know why this is the case. I take a diabetic multivitamin and it keeps me in balance. Low Magnesium or low potassium can cause the muscle pains you described.

I know some people who take extra specific supplements if they are very deficient in one thing.
You need to be careful though, because some things compete in your body. If you take a lot of Magnesium for example it will crowd out Calcium and vice-verse. too much potassium can cause heart rhythm problems. that's what i take a multi vitamin and I figure it is well balanced.

If you are on statins, like lipitor or simvastatin those too can cause muscle aches.

I'd say maybe get to a running store and see if finding the right shoes will work. The places here have treadmills so I run on the treadmill with different shoes on each foot until I find the ones I like the most. A lot of running stores in the US will let you try shoes and return them if they're not right too. Instead of $60 trainers, I'll blow $100 on shoes from the running store but it's cheaper than PT, etc. if I blow a gasket.

I dunno if warming up is that huge. I don't bother with it most of the time but just try to concentrate and move smoothly when I start out. There's this guy Danny Dreyer who wrote a book called Chi Running and I think he has a book for walking too. I found his description of running forward useful and some of the tips were good sort of mantras during my longer runs, to help me "find smooth" using my abdomenal pitch to focus my feet and stuff...

It could be any number of reasons, as the replies so far have indicated. Your low iron results jump out at me. I was needing hours to recover after exercise because I was so sore and exhausted afterward, and was finally diagnosed with extremely low iron and hemoglobin. One blood transfusion and 3 iron transfusions later, can now exercise again and only experience "normal" muscle soreness because I'm out of shape.

Taking Cod Liver Oil for joints and have started on vit B12. I used to take a multi vit but I kinda got out of the habit. Used to take Pharmaton which was great. Thanks Timothy.

Nope Clare, not on anything like that. Will remember this in the future though.

Doing all the warm ups, it doesn't seem to make any difference, but will keep on doing them.

I would need to head to Belfast to find a one of those specialist sport stores with the treadmills. Will be going in a few weeks though. Thanks for the name of the author, I'll have a look for a walking book.

Not only need a few hours, this takes days and doesn't go away unless I come to a complete halt. You'd think the doctor would've picked up on this instead of me having to go through the results myself.

Another thing I'd ask is which muscles specifically are you talking about? Different muscles can mean different things?

Oh I dunno what they're called exactly, you know the ones the calf muscles and back of thigh, front of legs are fine. Great question AR, no physio ever asked me this.

We all know that insulin is a "fat-storing-hormone" but I visited and watched an animated vid about T-1. It shows insulin playing a vital role in unlocking cells inside muscle tissues so that they can receive glucose. Without the glucose the muscles can not rebuild. It is that rebuilding that makes muscles bigger. So ?? how do we take enough insulin to open the cells but not enough to cause low bs? I suppose walking after a meal would work best, for me it works great for preventing spikes if I exercise for 1/2 hour a half hour after I eat.

I'm visiting her lab next summer it was the first appointment they had.

Shin splints can be a big problem that can be easily cured w/ shoes. The three "flavors" are stability/ neutral/ performance or something like that. All the brands pretty much make a few shoes (at least...) in each category. If you have high arches, you'd want neutral, flatter feet I think stability and if you are really fast, performance, probably not so much for walking? I have run in some of those and mostly neutral/ neutral plus but I usually try 5 or 6 pairs, one on each foot on the treadmill and try to find the best one.

There's also a 4th category, "barefoot" shoes, not all of which have the toes in them. I like a Brooks shoe, the Pure Cadence, in that category as they seem to be sort of like running Birkenstocks, which I'm also fond of, with a "toe splitter" and lower heel that I think are really comfy for both running and hanging around. It's totally preference but if your current shoes are old, worn or the wrong type or a combination thereof, it may lead to symptoms like the ones you are describing.

Have you been tested for Celiac disease? Before I was diagnosed I had low levels of iron and other vitamins and minerals. Now after 7 years of being gluten free all my blood levels have returned to normal.

I will ask the people in the specialist store what is best for me, I don't know what kinda feet I have, small and cold. I have found a store not too far away from me, I think we are heading there tomorrow, thanks AR.

I usually ex in the morning after a light breakfast. I have noticed that when I ex in the evening I pay heavily for it. Must check out that Faustmanlab site, thanks Jethro.

I'll look up the symptoms for Celiac, see if I have any. Thanks Tiny. I know there are a lot of D with Celiac.

I have Celiac Disease. In some cases the symptoms can be quite difficult to pin down; they are sort of an undercurrent of not feeling well. About the only way to test on your own is to stop eating gluten for a couple of weeks and noting whether or not you feel better.