BC lowering BS?

I’m not sure if this is possible but I’ve started Microgestin BC three days ago and since then I’ve had some really bad lows. Tonight my roommate and I ordered Chinese takeout. I ate more than normal and before eating I was at 107, ate and waited to cover my dinner as I’ve been going low. Two hours afterwards I only hit 178, which then I corrected with only two units. I’m now at 72. Could the BC lower my BS? Yesterday I covered my dinner and ended up really low so that’s why I didn’t cover my dinner. It’s strange but I will call my gyno tomorrow.

Elizabeth : I had to think , what BC means( I live inthe province of BC, Canada !!) …oh , these old brains …I am too old to get into your discussion ( 69 as of the other day ) ; I wish people would make it easy for us folks …why not say :" birth control ’ ?? Regardless …I wish you well …those highs/lows you are experiencing are NOT funny