BCBS of Michigan (MICHILD) paid for cgms sensors!

I received reimbursement from BCBS of MI (MICHLD) for sensors I purchased last year. It wasn’t really too hard either, strangly. I sent in the forms for reimbursement. They denied due to lack of prescription. I faxed a copy over and about a month later I got a check and a letter saying it was approved.

D*mn it. laughs We just left them when my husband switched jobs in April.

Wow! Great! Hope this is a trend :slight_smile:

Glad that you got BCBS to pay. I’m having to appeal a denial for the 72 hr CGMS that I just did. They are saying that they are refusing to pay because it was not “medically necessary”. BTW, I’m in NC and was told they would pay for the CGMS but am finding out differently now.

Would you be so kind as to have a private talk with me regarding your insurance coverage. I also have BCBS (State of MI retiree) and have been submitting and being rejected for almost 12 months now for the CGM. However, I have not had the courage to just purchase and submit – I have been trying for prior approval.

Awesome. If you havent already, Sign the CGMS petition http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/CGMSdenial/

Already signed it Gina. Hope my signature helps.

Michelle, What forms did you fax off? I have a prescription and it was denied according to three pharmacies. Was told Walgreens would put thru…wrong. So tried one other as well as my regular small town pharmacy. No luck. As a newly diagnosed diabetic I am testing six times a day. Would love a little help from BCBS to whom I pay over 500.00 a month (for just my insurance). Thanks

Actually I faxed a copy of the prescription. The orginial form I submitted was an all in one envelope kind of thing. I think this is the title, “Member Application for Payment Consideration”. In all actuality all I sent was receipts with this form. The only denial was due to lack of prescription, which was remedied when I faxed that along with my receipts again with my new claim number.

Before getting that form everything I sent seemed tp be ignored.

I actually signed it before I had coverage. :slight_smile:

Oh, and I called MM to try out my coverage and order sensors and they confirmed they have a contract with bcbs of MI (atleast for MIChild, not sure if it is across the board).

I will confirm that it all goes through when they get done processing it.

I just got a call from Abbott saying that Anthem BCBS approved me for the Navigator! Will report more when I know more.

Cin, i hope so too. all we can really do is hope! it has 1114 signatures now!!

Michelle Thanks!

I have two forms of insurane through BCBS (DC area), Anthem and Carefirst. I was able to get both the pump and the CGMS and have not had to pay anything out of pocket yet. Probably because I have 2 insurance plans. They even approve my sensor reorder. I wonder why they are not the same for everyone. Medtronic did all the work for me as far as coordinating the prescriptions etc. I am sorry to hear that everyone is having such problems.

Kathy - I can help you - call me please.