Bcg trials

have you heared about bcg phase 2 trial , it is hope or hype?

Yes, I have heard about it and very curious. Faustman still needs to raise money for Phase 2 human trials, I think the figure I heard was 5 or 6 million. I don’t know how long it will take to raise the money. If everyone on this site sent in a dollar or two, wonder how much money she could raise? Hopeful that the right dose of BCG alone can wipe out the rouge T cells from the bloodstream, even though it does not address the autoimmunity issue. It also does not promise to cure all diabetics (even if it does work), only some. Not all have the T cells she is targeting. I do not know why it has been so difficult for her to raise funds. Her research needs to be funded. Her cure would be inexpensive and readily available.

Can’t spell anymore since I have relied on spellcheck for so many years, LOL. No spellcheck here, though…

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