BD Test Strips Can't Be Found?

Until I read a blog post by Miranda, one of our members, I thought I was alone in this… but she is in Alabama and I am in Florida.

Since I haven’t yet received my most recent order from Liberty Medical (please don’t ask me how inclined I am to block their ads!!!) and I ran out of my BD test strips as a result, I went to Walgreens a mile south of here to get some more strips… and found NO BD test strips left. First time ever.

Now I read Miranda’s comment, and I wonder if the move prompted by the Medtronic decision to support a new meter to go along with their pump has perhaps made some things happen a little too fast… like replenishing inventory in pharmacies across the US to support continuing BD meter users.

Anybody else going through this?

BD announced their the decision about a year ago to get out of the test strip business. Another company, however, is picking up the manufacturer of the equivalent test strips.

Medtronic made the switch to One_Touch well after BD decided to give up the test strip business.

Here is some more infomation about the change from some older forum messages.

I get my test strips at Wal-Mart. They have to order them from a warehouse, so I have to go in a few days ahead so they have time to get them in. This is usually not a problem for me. But they don’t carry them in stock anymore. That stopped when BD quit making the strips. It sucks, but when the change comes with my pump, I will be able to get the OneTouch strips. It will be easier. And cheaper. With BD I am paying a $40 co-pay and with OneTouch it is only $20. That will be nice.

This helps! I was aware of the switch, etc. but I thought (perhaps innocently) that there would be strips until the switch was completed.

Now THIS was VERY useful, Steve:
(found it on the site you included)

THX a ton, man!

I used to use freesytle but got a one touch given to me. I love the one touch, i went out and bought a cable to connect it to my computer cause i have a tendency not to record my readings. I use a local home health agency for my supplies and they normally have to order mine in as well, but only takes 24 hours to get them in.

hi manny! i went to see my endo yesterday and i had him write me another script for my strips. I told him to make it for 400 instead of 200…because on my prescription it said for me to check 4 times a day. that’s just to impossible for me! i usually check anywhere from 6-8 times a day and this is on a GOOD day…not twhen I am sick or anything. hopefully they will be able to fill my order. if not, I may have to consider switching to something else but i sure don’t want too…have a great day!

There’s a pharmacy in town, the only pharmacy, has the BD test trips… But I have been getting mine BD test strips from Minimed… For some reason I can get more test strips there then my pharmacy in town… I guess it’s the Medicare and Medicaid issue…