Be a warrior,Not a worrier

Life with diabetes has its own inherent hills and valleys. Some days you feel like you are making mistakes all over the place. Other days you feel like a Superhero-managing everything effortlessly

In truth, everyday you walk a line between being a warrior and a worrier in how you manage your diabetes.

Its so easy to be a worrier.It happens when you let your fears about diabetes get the worst of you, when you are frustrated by the extra work diabetes takes, on top of the work your life takes. When you notice your worrier dominate your thinking,indulge more in activities that would make you happy. This will shift your focus and bring balance back into your life.

Then call out your warrior.Warriors come forth when they sense you are excited about your life, and when they feel your courage and commitment to living well with diabetes.

Whenever you are on your journey of living with diabetes, you have reason to be proud. Diabetes is a special challenge. Even on tough days remember that there’s a superhero within you.

So get zealous about your care and welcome everyday as the gift that it is. It will pay you back with a life filled with even more joy, magic, passion,accomplishment and good health than you could ever imagine.

Lets start today!

Love this. Fantastic post. :slight_smile:

Your thoughts & your writing are beautiful. I’m going to remember this. Thank you.

The worrier/warrior dichotomy hits the nail on the head for us T1s. Good post. Let the warrior dominate!