Be determined

Hi! just alittle bit of info, my daughter was a juvenile diabetic for 32 years. She passed away Oct. 30, 2009 from a clot that caused a stroke which caused hemorraging in the brain. She took care of herself pretty well for that many years , was hospitalized once with ketoacidosis and did have heart attack the age of 28 in which a stint was put in but for that many years she did remakable. I just want all of you to be determined in your care of your diabetes and if you ever go to an e.r. be adamant in getting the care you deserve. I’m saying this because my daughter went to an e.r. in Aug. 2009 because of tingling and numbness down the left side of her body and after an ekg it was dismissed as neurothapy because of having diabetes so long.This can happen alot with drs. once they’re aware that you have diabetes, they tend to attribute all problems medically to it. I think in Aug. if the drs. had been more concerned my daughter may still be here. Just be determined in your care. Please

Amen to that. My other half was recently diagnosed with sciatica – after doctors wrote off his foot numbness as diabetic neuropathy and his hip pain as arthritis. Much more pain now, more serious meds. (BTW, he’s a T2 on metformin.)

Thank you for sharing. I’m sorry your daughter passed. I’ve certainly experienced symptoms being dismissed as diabetes complications when they were really indicative of other things. I advocate for myself as best I can. I will keep your story with me and remain adamant in getting the care I need. Best wishes and hugs to you.

Very sorry to hear about your daughter Sue. We hear many tales of how doctors fail to trouble themselves firther once they know you have diabetes. When I was diagnosed Type 1 they said they thought I’d had a heart attack and that I probably didn’t feel it because of the diabetes effect on nerves - I had only just been diagnosed and was due to run a marathon that week! Three months later they decided I hadn’t had a heart attack…

We really do have to stand our ground every time, it seems - not good enough to trust in the medics thoroughness and professionalism, sadly.

I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter. Thank you for sharing such great advice. xo

I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I couldn’t agree with you more. Thank you so much for the very important advice…

Sue, my condolences.

You’re so right how we need to be determined to get what we need & have doctors pay attention.

I’m so sorry for your loss. Every loss hurts.

You remind me to be THANKFUL for my doctors. I love my doctors. Just this week my neuropathy seemed worse and so I logged it and talked to my doctors Friday. They ALWAYS encourage me to report anything new or different. They asked me pointed questions that some of you might be irritated by but as always they were being thorough. When did I feel increased numbness? Was it just one side or another or both? How long did the spell last. Is there a difference in the sensation. We discussed positional numbness and other possibilities, too. I’m not just diabetic – I’m an old lady, too! lol It could be other things, too. They reviewed all my meds again just to be sure I was taking them correctly.

You remind me to continue to 1) tell my doctor all my concerns big and small, 2) appreciate their thorough attitude and 3) I’m so much more than the sum of my diagnosis. I will continue to be determined.

I believe. We believe. We achieve.

Thank you for sharing.