Be Good to Yourself

I went to a funeral yesterday. It was not a close friend, or actually someone I had ever met, the father of one of my husbands friends so I accompanied hubby. The service was beautiful, and the eulogy was given by someone who had known the man, Carleton, for more than 40 years. After listening to the eulogy for more than 20 minutes I was really sad that I did not know this man when he was alive, because he sounded amazing and I know I would have really liked him. One of the things he did at the end of any phone call was not to say goodbye, or I'll see you, or love you, or whatever, he would always say "be good to yourself". How simple is that ? Be good to yourself. Don't beat yourself up for not being perfect, congratulate yourself for doing your best, for improving even one thing. Think of some way every day you can be good to yourself. I have decided that I will change my stupid lancet in the pricker device every single morning. Because that is being good to myself. I'm sure we can all come up with other ways to be good to ourselves.

Lovely post Clarebear. Laughing about changing the lancet, the little things are so important.

if you don't take care of yourself, how can you take care of others?
love thy neighbor as thyself.