Be Nice or how to behave on the internet

OK I have seen a few post recently that have fell into nonconstructive finger pointing and name calling. So first off I must remind people of Wheaton's Law which is straight to the point "Don't be a dick" . Try not to post things in a way that some may find offensive. Say "I disagree because I see/feel that it is this way" not "Your wrong/stupid/foolish etc because of this or that". Try not to post on things such as faith or politics. I understand that at times this is impossible and when you must be ready for desenting opinions. Keep it rational do not condemn someone for their political/religious beliefs but also do not try to compel someone to your thinking by insults, name calling. or condemning.

If a moderator/admin give you the play nice warning guess what either drop it or play nice. This is not a political/religious site remember that, also if a thread is closed/pulled it's over. This site is privately run and the admins do have final say. Don't make a second thread asking why it was pulled. If you must know why or don't agree why send a PRIVATE message to the admin team asking for an clarification . If you want to get into a heated talk with someone who also wants to get into a heated talk send them a PRIVATE message.

I understand that some people have a hard time keeping their mouths shut on some topics. If something floors you that bad that you feel you must respond harshly, get up from your keyboard go for a short walk calm down and comeback when you have calmed down. This is a site for all people touched by Diabetes and we must accept that not all people see things the same way.

Well stated, Jim. Thank you!

Anyone should contact admin with concerns, problems & suggestions.

Wheaton’s Law is something to live by. Makes up for playing Wesley Crusher on on STNG, worst character on the show.

Thanks, Anonymous Jim.

I definately agree that wording is everything. I should have known that I could have gotten my point across without using names. That being said, with a national newscast on the subject in question, I didnt think it was a big secret. Lesson learned.

Well, I would say that if you want to write something on a blog that is your perogative. I should think the doctor concerned is rather paranoid. Do you name him? I have not seen anything. I would carry on and let them sue you. A judge and jury would see that there is no point in sueing you.