Beat, beat

beat, beat.
your born, you cry,
you eat, you sleep.

beat, beat.
you learn,crawl,
walk,and laugh.

beat, beat
run, play,
date, break up

beat, beat.
your all grownup, living,
laughing, you know it all.

beat, beat.
you fall in love, get married,
raise your children.

beat beat,
your children have flown
the nest, such sadness and joy.

beat, beat.
your life begins anew,
grandchildren to behold.

beat, beat.
you find new interests,
forgive the old.

beat, beat.
retirement, new life,
enjoy family.

beat, beat.
you sleep, you eat,
you laugh, you cry.

beat, beat.
you die.

I was thinking what is the most amazing thin that God created,to realize that it is our heart beats…

Hey Debb, this was great, could not have said it better myself. Good job.