Becoming a caregiver for my type 1 diabetic husband

My husband is a type one diabetic and was in a severe car accident in May, he will be coming home soon and is now wheelchair bound and has had many severe injurys, he may walk after awhile but never a lot. his right side was paralized for almost 2 months and still is partially. He is unable to care for himself he can not even stand on his own yet. We have been married for 3 1/2 years now and so i do know some about diabetes and know a lot about checking sugar and normal sugar levels due to myslef being hypoglycemic and helping him with lows. I have learned now how to give him shots, and how to give him juice in his feeding tube. He just started eating 2 weeks ago buts till has a feeding tube is only able to eat small amounts of soft and pureed foods so far. Hes relearning how to swallow. Only way he can have liquids is on a spoon by the half teaspoon by someone else so far. Its been a long painful road but were coming along. The guy who tboned him in his door at 90mph says it was just an accident and that he should not be punished. He thinks he got off with 2 weeks in jail but we got a lawsuit pending. He had no ins so ours has to pick up the bills, over 5 million dollars so far. This is all wearing me down so much. I want to be able to support him as much as i can i dont let him see how im doing, but its hard. Im praying its easier when hes home. Trying to learn all i can about his diabetes and controlling it when lifes so off kilter for us.

I’m SO sorry to hear that! I can’t imagine how horrible this must be for both of you. :frowning:

Is he able to talk? If so, he can tell you what to do about his diabetes. But it would also do you a lot of good to get help, both by investigating as much as you can on the internet, and also being persistent about asking questions of his health providers and therapists and nurses. This is so much more complex than just diabetes – there are a whole bunch of things you will need to learn to deal with, WHILE you are still emotionally devastated. :frowning:

Remember to take care of yourself, too. You can’t take care of him if YOU are drowning. Be well!

He can talk but not clearly. His memory is in tact but the part of his brain he injured int eh accidnet is the part that tells you how to walk and talk and swallow etc. Hes been on here for awhile his name on here is Lee Howard i have kept a blog under his name the whole time. I know how to operate his feeding tube and machiene, how to help him bathe in bed on bad days, how to help him shower, how to dress him but i can not help him get in and out of bed or his wheel chair i need back surgery and cant lifta t all. But i can push his wheel chair.

I don’t begin to know the ins and outs of your state disability benefits or your insurance benefits, but I do know there are programs where a disabled person can receive attendant care for just the things you are talking about – getting in and out of bed, bathing, dressing, into and out of the wheelchair, etc. You need to call, maybe your state dept. of rehabilitation? Time to do your homework. There may also be a Center for Independent Living, which can point you to the right resources for help. You really DON’T have to go this alone.

Hang in there, sweetie! I can tell you love this guy, and that’s so beautiful. :slight_smile:

I do i love him so much, when he hurts i hurt! he had run to the gas station down the road about 2 miles, we live in the country, at exactually 8pm i started to feel sick and panicky i just knew something was wrong with, tried calling his cell 2 times and got nothing, called my mom she said i was over reacting, called him again and got a cop, he was hit at exactually 8pm. He will have home health care no cost to use, michigan no fault pays 100 percenet of bills already are over 5 million

You need to get a lift installed in the bedroom, with a ceiling track running into the bathroom. This way you won’t have to lift him, just help him get into the sling. The lift will raise him, take him to the bathroom, and you can lower him into it. Look into government funding for it. If you can’t get funding for a ceiling track type of lift, then look into a portable lift instead. There are some descriptions on this page. There should be some sort of government funding for it in your area.

If you end up injuring yourself, where will he be then? He’d had to go into a nursing home.

Try to get funding for an aid to come in to help with the bathing. Even with an aid, the ceiling track system or portable lift will be very helpful.

This video shows you how a Hoyer type lift can help

How to transfer yourself from wheelchair to bed, one your husband might find helpful.

Everything is paid for 100 percent by our car insurace for live, including home health care around teh clock, he can stand with little help its just i cant risk it for me