Bedtime snacks? Bolus for them or not?

Naomi is used to having a bedtime snack - it’s habit now. So…we were told she didn’t have to have a bedtime snack by our CDE. Of course…she likes the little “treat” now. So…the question is now that we’re pumping (week 3) do I bolus for the snack?

At bedtime, her target BG is probably programmed higher at bedtime so it should be fine to bolus for it.

Either bolus or give her something close to no carb… celery stuffed with cream cheese? A slice of meat and slice of cheese rolled up together?

ya i would - we were in the same boat a little while ago. and have only been on the pump a few months (my son is three) and he likes his snack at night too. the pump will tell you whether or not you need to bolus for the food consumed. sometimes we don’t need to. however. i was finding if we didn’t he would be high through the night and high in the morning. so … we pushed back his night settings and bolus for night snacks and he’s good. good luck