Bedtime Snacks

Hi Shoshana. I have lived and worked in Taiwan for 12 years now. So the food here is pretty different. Some food is pretty diabetic friendly ā€¦ But then their is the rice: I love my insulin pen :slight_smile: Iā€™m originally from South Africa

hi leo, nice to hear from you.have you thought of trying the pump?
i love it.

So last night my BS was 11...I gave a small correction...ate a spoonful of peanut butter and my BS this morning is 6!! Yaaa 14 for this girl!! Ty jrtpup for the idea!

i dothe peanut butter on a spoon w. no bolus - protein -like almonds
and something ilearned in diabetic class - plain yogurt nd a small can fuit w/ splenda - greatsnack - bolus if need be .

i do not use anything with artificial sweeteners just plain or flavored yogurt & bolus for it. stevia is ok but it has been discontinued by STONYFIELD.