Bee sting reactions?

My daughter got stung by a bumble bee last night, didn’t think much of it. Today her sugars were very high. Now (26hrs post sting) the site is red & swollen. My question: can bee stings affect blood sugars? dose being diabetic make the reaction to bee stings worse? Anyone with past experience with this want to help me out, it’s appreciated!

I’d probably have to ask my parents (though they probably don’t remember either), but I know I was stung a few times as a kid, and I don’t remember it affecting my blood sugars. However, I could see that a bee sting would affect them – generally, whenever someone is stressed, their blood sugars tend to go up. Even if she isn’t thinking about how awful her job is (the way most of us think of stress), her body was still stressed by the sting, which could make them go high.

I have no idea what a bee sting is supposed to look like 26 hours after it happens. They do always tell us, though, that diabetics heal more slowly than everyone else, so I don’t think I would worry too much about it. I always got over my stings pretty quickly.

i don’t think they do, but it has been a long time since i was stung. however it may be an allergic reaction. Which would explain the high sugars, and if the sting site has become more red and swollen than typical (usually the circumference of a quarter and slightly raised and red) take her to her pediatrician to make sure

Hi! My daughter Cadence was stung yesterday at the park by 2 bees on the ankle. Amazingly this little 2.5 year old didn’t even flinch or cry! Her ankle swelled up and was very red and very hard to the touch. She was stung early afternoon and by bedtime (8:30pm) her sugar was 19mmol/l (342 mg/dl). It took alot of corrections through the night and a higher basal on her pump to bring her down. I don’t believe it was her dinner that affected her, we didn’t do anything different. I do believe it was her reaction to the stings. Her sugar unfortunately came crashing down this morning 2.8 (50.4). But, she is in good spirits and got lots of cereal this morning…which she was quite happy about!! I have been putting Apis gel on her stings and the swelling is subsiding.

I am diabetic type I. I am not allergic to bees
When I get stung by a bee the swell disapears after 2h if my blood sugar is normal (~100).
Funny enough if my sugar level rises, even 4-5 days after the bee sting, the place where I was bitten starts to sting. When the sugar level goes back to normal the sting disapears, is a kind of a 4 day long sugar monitor system… no pain no gain :wink:

I wonder if there is any research trying to use the bee-sting-chemical as a detector.