Been a little while

Not much new getting ready to go fight city hall tonight. They are trying to make me get rid of my chickens. Sugars have been good. My mother and I are mending bridges. Had a great moment with my daughter Macey before work tonight. She had woken up as I was getting ready and as I am getting dressed I hear "I put you wallet and blood stuff in your bag Daddy ". I come out of the bathroom and sitting on my bag are my wallet and glucose monitor. She looks up at me and a smile tells me “See I help you daddy. Don’t get sick daddy. I love you”. I smile give her a hug and tell her to be easy on momma and go back to bed. Well off to sleep it has been a long night.

Edit 22:46
Well the zoning meeting did not happen due to snow so another month to gather stuff to show my girls are not a threat to the neighborhood. We got letters from our immediate neighbors and a report from the board of health so we should be in good shape.

Good luck with the chickens! I’d love to raise some chickens myself actually, but we’re in rental now… hope to have house soon. Will have to look up the local laws and city codes on that i guess. How old is Macey? I haven’t even really thought about having to tell my daughter yet, but of course she’s only 2 1/2 so way too young to really understand, so i have some time to figure it out i guess.

Hope you win the fight for your chickens. Kisses to Macey. What a great daughter.

good luck w/ city hall (and your daughter is the best!)

Isn’t the Love and care from our Children the best:)

And those Chickens, I hope you get to keep em:)

And your relationship with your Mom,build that bridge carefully and make it permanent:)

Kenx Macey is 4 and understands to a point. My youngest Violet is 2 and a half and knows not to touch my “shot stuff” and knows about testing my sugar a bit.