Been so ridiculously busy lately

So busy I haven’t even had time to be on here much! I’ve been working as much as possible, though I missed an additional 3 workdays after my cold due to a real evil backpain which still isn’t gone, but at least bit better. According to the physical therapist my back got a bit overworked lately. Could be due to helping my honey to move 2 weekends ago now. My backpain started the day after…
Been working and spending as much time as possible with my honey. And for the past nearly 2 weeks or so, there’s been this treasure hunt in (fluff)friends on facebook LOL I’m a (fluff) addict! I can sit with that application several hours daily :smiley:

Anyways, so yeah, it’s been quite a bit going on lately… But I’m still here, and have only just finished baking a brownie with icing :wink: My parents are coming by tomorrow to bring my Nisse back home with them. My flatmate just can’t handle the smell of cat or the hairs :frowning: Just hope I can find my own place soon! I like it here, and me and my flatmate get along well. But I do miss being able to run around naked at home without having to worry about having a whole group of people arriving at anytime, or just such a simple thing as going to the loo without having to lock the door! I really really just want to have a place of my own now! And when I have my own place and no flatmates, Nisse can come back to me again, so I really hope I’ll find an apartment real soon! Nisse is bit more than 4 years old now, I’ve had him since february 2005, and lived away from home since late summer 2006, so go figure, I haven’t had much time with him, because he only just moved with me this summer!