Beer, Psych Meds, and Insulin

I am at a lost… I am a type one diabetic and on the minimed insulin pump. Last november I turned 21, my step dead took me to the bar. It was fun, but I was told that a diabetic should not drink… I am also on psych meds for depression, which does not help. So far I have had not trouble with the drinking and my meds, granted I do not drink that much. The most I have had in one night was four bottles of mikes hard lemonade. What I am worneding is if any body has any problmes with drinking and insulin and/or meds. I also understand that diabetices also should not get tattoos… just last Octerber I got a tattoo on my upper left arm. It is the medical cross with the saying “pumped 4 life” on the top. The date 12/27/00 is on the right and the words “type 1” are on the left side… Does any one have bad ■■■ tattoos about diabetes?

drinking can cause low blood sugar. not sure what it will do w/ depression medication but assume it isn’t a good thing to do.

check this group:

Members here with D tats & other tats also. So much for diabetics not getting tattooed.

As Joe said, drinking can cause lows. Best not to drink on an empty stomach & test frequently. Hard to feel a low with a buzz & easy to crash really low quickly.

Antidepressants can increase the effects of alcohol. Sure you can manage it by drinking in moderation, but it’s kind of risky combo with your meds.

Well, all drinks do not come equal. Most beers are so carby they will cause a huge INCREASE in blood sugar. I do drink beer and tend to bolus a unit or so for every bottle (its good to bolus like 20 minutes before drinking, such as with every other carby food). Check it out with your favorite brand of beer and go from there.

Drinking hard liquor can lead to low blood sugars (for me it usually happens by the next morning), so be careful of that. Beers don’t do that to me, but I have to give myself some insulin for them because they do have carbs. When you drink, you have to monitor even more carefully than normal. When I’ve been out with friends, drinking…if I think I’m going to have enough that I might not be thinking clearly that ‘I need to check my sugar now!’, I assign a friend to remind me. I’m blessed to have wonderful friends who are really helpful, and some will even just grab my hand and do the testing for me, haha! Most people don’t have friends who will do this for them often, so make sure you aren’t so drunk you can’t monitor what’s happening to your blood sugars.

be careful Mike’s hard lemonades are loaded with sugar.