Beets the next food trend?

When I was a little girl, I remember my grandma giving me beets, and I confess I did not like them. But as an adult, I’m always trying to seek for new foods to incorporate into our meals.

Does anyone have good beets recipes?

My recipe is very easy. Two scoops of BeetElite in a glass of water.

We roast them with a joint. Peel, cut into medium size chunks and put in with your other roast vegetables.
Beetroot chutney.
Beetroot salad
Beetroot soup (borsch)
Lots of recipes if you google.

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I will definitely try them!!! Thanks @Pastelpainter

I like beets in soup. You can also use its leaves like spinach. It’s really good for people with diabetes since it doesn’t raise your blood sugar too quickly after eating it plus, it’s rich in nitrates which apparently, lowers blood sugar according to this article.

It hasn’t happened to me but it also says that it can turn urine into color pink or red. Anybody experienced this?