Behavior Genome – mapping the relationship between behavior and health with

Check out what is doing! This is cutting-edge technology looking at new ways to help people stay healthy with diabetes. Here's how they describe the company and what they do:

1. Collect health data: is a digital health start-up and winner of Sanofi US’s 2011 Data Design Diabetes Innovation Challenge. We’ve built an app that uses sensors already in your Android phone or iPhone to understand the relationship between your behavior and your health.

And it’s easy, safe and secure – we will share our summarized findings with our partners at Sanofi US, but we won’t share your personal information with any third party, send you third party marketing emails, or ask you to do anything beyond answer surveys using our app.

2. Contribute to science:

Sanofi US is helping give people with Type II diabetes free access to our app to map something we call the Behavior Genome – a map of the relationship between behavior and health. The more behavior data we collect, the more accurate our map for Type II diabetes becomes. This means that your participation doesn’t just improve care for you. It contributes to science and improves care for other people like you. By installing the app, answering occasional questions about how you’re doing and letting it work its magic in the background, you can contribute to our mission to make Type II diabetes easier to manage.
3. Connect to loved ones:

As we unlock the Behavior Genome, we’ll unlock more features for you. After has a preliminary map of how your behavior relates to your condition, you can begin to safely share the information with your loved ones. That way, they know how you’re doing too.

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