Béibhinn (貝 恆 Bèi Héng) Elaine Chan Fung

Today our beautiful little girl Beibhinn was born.
8 lb 10 oz
We are completely in love

Beibhinn is pronounced Bay-veen`

Congratulations Sharon! Best to you and your family!

She's beautiful! Congratulations!

Congratulations Sharon!! I'm so happy for you and your beautiful baby girl!

Congratulations!!! She is just perfect!! When you have time, let us know more about the birth experience. Enjoy these special (but tiring weeks!!).

My birth story is here:

We ended up with a c-section birth but it had nothing to do with a big baby or as a result of induction, it was more than likely because my pelvis and the baby's head just didn't match up and her head never engaged despite natural and induced contractions. I'm just grateful for the medical intervention that was available so that we could have a perfectly healthy little girl.

Congratulations! Beautiful healthy baby and what a lovely name!